# 5 - Introduction to Linq2Sql

Date: 5/29/2008

Level: Beginner

Author: Derik Whittaker

Tags: Linq2Sql

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In this episode we do an introductory of Linq2Sql.  This is meant to be a beginners guide.

The items that are covered are:
  1. Learn how to create the data connection via Server Explorer
  2. How to use the Linq2Sql Designer
  3. Review the DataContext object that is generated
  4. Simple Linq2Sql Statements
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Images/Screen Shots:

Creating the DB Connection
Shows a screen shot of how to create the DB Connection

Tables in Designer
Shows the tables in the designer

Linq Table Attributes
Shows the various attributes needed for Linq2Sql

Linq In Action
Shows a Linq2Sql query in action