# 6 - Joins, Grouping, Aggregating w/ Linq2Sql

Date: 5/30/2008

Level: Intermediate

Author: Derik Whittaker

Tags: Linq2Sql LinqPad

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In this episode we take a look at how to create various types of Linq2Sql statements.  All the statements created in this episode are done using the really sweat LinqPad tool.

The types of statements that are reviewed here are:
  1. Inner Joins
  2. Outter Joins
  3. Groupings (with some Aggregations)
  4. Select top N rows
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Images/Screen Shots:

Inner Join in Action
Shows a Linq2Sql Inner Join

Outter Join in Action
Shows a Linq2Sql outter join in action

Grouping in Action
Shows a Linq2Sql grouping in Action

Select top 5 In Action
Shows a Linq2Sql Select top 5 in action